Printing in the Library

The library has 4 public printers: 2 on the 1st floor (Rm. 110), 1 at the Circulation Desk and 1 in the 3rd floor computer lab (Rm. 313). All 4 printers have duplex assemblies installed, which allow for double-sided printing. Please use double sided printing when possible to reduce paper consumption.

Stonehill Students, Faculty and Staff:

  • From the 1st floor of the library, you can print to either printer name B110 Public-1, B110 Public-2 or B116 Public. These printers should already be installed when you log into any computer. However, if not you can add one of these printers.
  • When printing to Public-1 or Public-2, please go to the print room, Rm.110, and use one of the 2 laptop, print release stations where you will enter your Username and Password. Instructions are posted. You may print each of your documents and delete any that you do not want to print. Your document will then print on the printer you selected.
  • If Public-1 or 2 is not working, you may select B116 Public, which is located at the Circulation Desk and also has a print release station.  Come to the desk and we will allow you to release your print job.
  • On the 3rd floor of the library, there is only one printer, named B313 Public Lab. This printer should also already be installed when you log into any college-owned computer. However, you can add this printer to your profile if necessary. 
  • For instructions on adding printers, see Information Technology's Knowledge Base.

Stonehill College Alumni & Off-Campus Visitors:

  • Stonehill College Alumni & Off-Campus Visitors may only print to B116 Public printer which is located at the Circulation Desk.
  • Stonehill College Alumni (who appear on the alumni list) will receive 5 free pages (per day) and then are charged $.10 per page over that amount.
  • All other Off-Campus Visitors are charged at the rate of $.20 per page.
  • We accept cash only.
  • Instructions for selecting the B116 printer are available at the Circulation Desk.