Set Yourself Apart from the Competition 

The future belongs to those who understand the creative art and science of marketing communications. Stonehill College's integrated marketing communications (IMC) graduate degree program will prepare you for marketing in the digital information age and help grow your career. Now you can develop your creative lens — on your schedule! 

  • No GMAT/GRE required
  • Attend part time in the evening (with the flexibility of three entry points: spring, summer and fall)
  • Campus-based program with some online course offerings
  • Courses taught by faculty with extensive experience in the field 
  • AACSB International accreditation, a highly esteemed designation shared by few IMC programs 

Application Deadlines

  • Summer Semester: May 23, 2023
  • Fall Semester: August 15, 2023
  • Spring Semester: January 1, 2024

The Meehan School of Business

The Meehan School of Business empowers students to be adaptive, compassionate leaders in a rapidly evolving global economy. Inside the walls of this modern, state-of-the-art business building, IMC students take courses, collaborate and build strong relationships with other working professionals.

Along with direct skills in marketing and communications, the curriculum is intended to develop: 

  • strategic thinking and decision making,
  • a deeper and nuanced understanding of organizational structure, 
  • and pertinent leadership skills to manage both projects and individuals. 

While this is a broad field of expertise, the curriculum is purposefully designed to meet the diverse learning and skill needs of individuals with a narrower role in a broad organizational function, those likely to have a comprehensive experience in a smaller organization, or others who have oversight over an extensive set of responsibilities. 

It’s a degree that will well position graduates to start their own business or run a marketing communication department. 

Key Program Advantages

The Stonehill College part-time IMC program combines the expertise of the College's marketing, communications and graphic design faculty. You'll create innovative marketing communication strategies that engage and delight consumers. 

With Stonehill College's IMC degree program, you will get the real world opportunity to work collaboratively with digital age business, faculty and your peers. You'll learn the IMC “way of thinking” that focuses on understanding consumers and balances qualitative and quantitative data and creative thinking to build strong brands.

Stonehill’s IMC degree serves those who seek a more comprehensive curriculum rather than a pure business program, one with a creative focus, including an Introduction to Creativity course. This unique Stonehill curriculum will allow students to develop analytical and critical thinking skills and position them to solve real-world challenges while confronting systemic societal issues. These opportunities provide students the ability to challenge themselves and grow both professionally and personally.

Our IMC master's degree program leverages Stonehill’s legacy of providing in-depth, rigorous, high-contact learning to equip students with an exceptional breadth of knowledge that can be applied to real-world issues at all stages of your career. 

The program builds on the culture of interdisciplinary study – which gives students the opportunity to explore issues from multiple perspectives – and the “free inquiry and interchange of ideas” at the heart of a Stonehill education. It allows you to develop an intellectual flexibility that serves you no matter where your career takes you.  

The IMC program expanded my marketing knowledge and project management skills. It also elevated my critical thinking and problem solving skills, helping me tremendously in my career.

Practitioners in the Field

The IMC program draws on Stonehill’s exceptional faculty and experts, who are highly regarded in the industry for their creativity and networking skills. From research on the impact of social media to presentations for companies such as Target and Amazon, all faculty members bring with them extensive experience and a distinct knowledge of their field. As a graduate student at Stonehill, you will have the opportunity to learn from and work alongside other professionals who are also looking to advance their careers.

Kristin McGillicuddy talks about her course in Buyer Behavior

Eddie Rhee, program director for the IMC program, has extensive experience in marketing working with local businesses on their retail and social media strategies.

Sample Courses


IMC 501
This course is the introductory course to the IMC Master's degree program at Stonehill College.  It is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in the context of a creative and innovate program design.  Students will learn techniques for improving the flexibility and originality of their thinking and will explore approaches used by practitioners of Integrated Marketing and Communication to create and sustain organizational innovation.  Students will learn and apply the IMC planning process and examine the role of integration to ensure consistency of creative strategy.   This course will also provide a comprehensive orientation to the Stonehill IMC Master's degree program.

Visual Problem Solving and Graphic Identity

This course introduces students to fundamental design concepts with an emphasis on the development of brand identity systems in a marketing environment. Through the introduction of design terminology, tools and process, students will gain insights into the practice of professional graphic designers and their role in identity projects. Employing design as a means for communication, students will learn the relationship between form, function and content to solve visual problems and address market challenges. Students will learn about graphic design through the lenses of history, theory and practice.

Digital Media Economics and Technology

This course is designed to familiarize students with various media industries and their business practices, operations, content and technology with an emphasis on the digitization of media channels and platforms. The course establishes an understanding of the basic principles that underline media businesses and the markets through which audiences are aggregated for advertisers. Emphasis is placed on the roles of audience measurement and media technology in shaping the content of media and the capabilities of advertising and other brand communications to reach audiences. The course highlights how the ongoing convergence of media content and commercial messages is redefining the media business and the world of integrated marketing communications.

Career Connections

In addition to an extensive alumni network, the College already has a multitude of relationships with organizations in the field of marketing that have led to internships and job offers. Among them:

Stonehill's part-time master's degree in integrated marketing communications (IMC) focuses on creativity on a schedule that allows you to juggle both work and school.

Contact Information

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