Core Services

  • Administering a range of accommodations and services for students with disabilities
  • Assisting students with temporary medical conditions and injuries
  • Collaborating with faculty and staff to support students' academic and co-curricular experiences
  • Helping alumni apply for accommodations for post-grad experiences, including graduate and professional school admission exams
  • Collaborating with the Career Development Center in the internship and employment search process
  • Consulting with the campus community on a broad range of disability-related matters
  • Providing vision, leadership, and education to ensure equal access and social justice for people with disabilities

Support for a Wide Spectrum of Disabilities

We work with students with a variety of disabilities, including learning disabilities, ADHD, psychological disorders, chronic health conditions, mobility impairments, physical disabilities, brain injuries, autistic spectrum neurodevelopmental disorders, neurological disorders, and sensory disabilities related to vision and hearing.

We also support students with temporary medical conditions, such as concussions and other injuries. Additionally, we consult with students who question whether they might have a disability, as well as those who are referred by a faculty or staff member.

​MacPhaidin Library – 106C

The Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) supports Stonehill’s unwavering commitment to providing a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for students with disabilities. Our goal is to create an accessible campus experience by providing a point of coordination, resources and support for our students and the campus community.