General Counsel

The General Counsel is a member of the senior staff of the College and serves as the chief legal officer responsible for all legal services of the College. The mission of the office is to provide legal counsel, guidance and policy analysis to the college.

The general counsel serves the college by:

  • Advising the the president, vice presidents and department heads
  • Providing proactive legal services and responding to specific problems as they arise
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  • Managing legal claims made against the College by securing and managing litigation attorneys and other consultants as needed
  • Participating in the development of financial and contractual relationships by, for example, negotiating and conceptualizing contractual content
  • Providing seminars as requested on processes or matters with significant legal implications for the College
  • Managing the College's Document Retention/Records Management Program

The general counsel also serves as clerk of the College and as such is a corporate officer. The bylaws of the college describe the primary responsibilities of the corporate officers.

The Office of the General Counsel represents the College, not individual students, faculty or staff; unless those individuals are named as defendants in litigation as a result of actions they took during the course and scope of their employment or institutional representation.