The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is the comprehensive data protection law for the EU.   The GDPR establishes protections for the privacy and security of “personal data” of individuals located in the EU, known as “data subjects” under the GDPR.  It is important to note that data subjects enjoy this protection regardless of whether or not they are a citizen of any EU member state.  Additionally, citizens of EU states are protected whether or not they are located within the EU. The GDPR applies to the “processing” of a subjects’ personal data, which is broadly defined to include collecting, organizing, structuring, storing, altering, retrieving, using, disclosing, transmitting, erasing or destroying that data.

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Stonehill also maintains an information security policy.  The purpose of this policy is to identify information resources as a critical College asset and define responsibilities to safeguard these resources from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction and protect the privacy of the people whose data we maintain.  The policy applies to all information collected, stored or used by any division, department and person in connection with College business. This policy contains standards required in addition to any other requirements of Massachusetts and United States laws, as well as the GDPR with respect to the security and privacy of educational, business, or other records maintained by the College.

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Stonehill is committed to reasonably maintaining the privacy of information provided by visitors to our website.  The College maintains information relevant to the terms and conditions of use of our website.

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Types of Information Maintained

The College and our outside partners are committed to keeping your personal information safe.  Specifics on the types of information we maintain and the security measures in place can be found below.  The tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet correspond to pages that have been organized by category.

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 If you have questions about Stonehill's GDPR compliance or the information we maintain or you would like to request a modification or removal of your information, please contact us.