Revised 2015-2022:

  • Ordinances
    • These ordinances have been promulgated under the provisions of the corporate charter of the Foundation of Our Lady of Holy Cross, Incorporated, under the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on August 13, 1934, as amended on June 30, 1948, by a Certificate of Change of Purpose approved by the Board of Collegiate Authority and the Commissioner of Corporations and Taxation, as further amended in 1972 to effect a change in the corporate title of Stonehill College, Inc. Authority for the adoption and promulgation of these Ordinances is exercised by virtue of the power contained in the Certificate of Change of Purpose aforesaid, authorizing the establishment, conduct and maintenance of Stonehill College at Easton, Massachusetts. The terms, power, duties and obligations of the Fellows, Incorporators, Trustees and Officers of the Corporation are set forth in the Bylaws of the College of which these Ordinances shall at all times be subject and subordinate.
  • Bylaws
    • The business of the Corporation shall be the maintenance and operation of a College in the Judeo-Christian tradition in accordance with the provisions of its Articles of Organization and of these Bylaws, as amended from time to time.