Handbooks for CWAA Peer Tutors, TAs, PLTL Leaders, and APMs

These handbooks have been generated by the CWAA professional staff for Peer Tutors, Teaching Assistants, and Academic Peer Mentors. All employees are required to read the appropriate handbook and know the requirements of their position.

Peer Tutors, TAs, and APMs,

Welcome to the Center for Writing and Academic Achievement (CWAA). You have been recommended by faculty to serve as a tutor, TA, or APM to your peers, which is a great honor that comes with considerable responsibility. You have accepted an important and challenging duty, as your role involves both the command of an academic subject area and strong interpersonal skills. You can encourage students to reach their academic potential, and your positive interaction with students can make a critical difference in their educational endeavors.

The purpose of these handbooks is twofold. First, it is to provide you with information specific to the CWAA programs at Stonehill College. Secondly, it is a resource that may benefit you as you build and improve your tutoring methods and teaching assistant skills. The information in this packet is designed to help you achieve the best results possible, as you become both efficient and effective in your role.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the CWAA – we wouldn’t be here without you!

For the full version of the tutor handbook, please click here. For the TA, and APM handbook, please click here. Within each handbook, you can click on various hyperlinks to access different information. As a CWAA student employee, you are expected to know the information contained in this handbook.

*Peer Tutor Eligibility
To be eligible to peer tutor, students must meet the following requirements: Cumulative GPA of 3.0, and good academic and social standing as outlined by Stonehill College’s Community Standards.

If a peer tutor’s community standard violations have changed after their hire, an additional review of continued eligibility to peer tutor will be assessed by CWAA staff.