Becoming a Subject Tutor

The CWAA recruits active, engaged students who are passionate about helping others. We are currently accepting applications for the AY 20 school year until March 26, 2019.

Requirements to be hired as a Subject Tutor:

Peer tutors should have proficiency and demonstrated knowledge in the subjects they tutor. They should be patient, flexible in their approaches, and enjoy working with others. Previous experience working as a Teaching Assistant or tutor outside of Stonehill is valued but not required. Students who are available to tutor in the sciences, math, languages, or business are eligible to apply and must meet the following criteria prior to hire:

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA and uphold a positive academic and social standing with the Office of Community Standards.
  • Submit the online application, including a faculty name for endorsement in the particular subject area that they are interested in tutoring.
  • Participate in an informational interview with the Senior Tutors.
  • Be willing to commit to biweekly meetings and at least 4 hours per week to tutoring.
  • Submit all required forms to Student Employment prior to employment.
  • New tutors are strongly encouraged to enroll in WRI 169, Peer Tutoring Practices, a one-credit training course. 

Completing the application:

  • Ensure you meet the criteria listed above.
  • Contact a faculty member who can speak to your qualifications (preferably one that had you in the class you which to be a tutor for) before submitting their name. When you submit the application, your faculty member will be contacted for their input and endorsement.
  • Submit an application, which includes the following:
    • Thoughtful, complete answers to all listed questions
    • Resume (Optional)

Selection process:

  • All applicants will be contacted by CWAA staff following review of their application.
  • Selected applicants will participate in an informational interview with CWAA staff to further discuss the logistics of the position.