Olivia Peterson ’18 talks about the many ways in which students can learn about the Center for Writing and Academic Achievement, and all it has to offer.

Writing Consultants work with students individually to address "higher-order concerns," such as argumentation, organization, and voice, before moving on to "later-order concerns," such as grammar, syntax, mechanics, and citation formats. They help students with assignments from any discipline and at any stage of the writing process.

During an appointment, Writing Consultants will ask students to read their paper out loud, ask clarifying questions, and suggest revisions. Although consultants do not edit or proofread papers, they will help with editing and proofreading techniques. Writing Consultants are not content experts, and students are responsible for the quality and integrity of their revised papers. Writing Consultants must successfully complete a three-credit tutor training course (WRI 369) or a Writing Fellow internship before they are eligible to work at the CWAA.

*Please be sure to bring a printed copy of the assignment you are working on, the assignment guidelines, and any relevant texts to your session. 

Writing Consultants typically address:

  • Understanding an assignment or text
  • Interpreting a professor’s comments on a paper
  • Organizing, listing, diagramming, or outlining
  • Developing a draft with new ideas and information
  • Writing style, voice, and persona
  • Creating a thesis statement and supporting claims with evidence
  • Constructing an argument or writing to persuade
  • Researching a topic, documenting sources, or understanding citation styles
  • Paragraph organization, topic sentences, and transitions
  • Editing to improve clarity, cohesiveness, or conciseness
  • Grammar issues and writing mechanics
  • Proofreading and formatting techniques


Refer to our Drop-in Peer Tutoring Hours page for current walk-in hours. All CWAA writing consultations are drop-in; therefore, you do not have to make an appointment. If you would like to work with a professional writing consultant, you may schedule an appointment through the CWAA's TutorTrac system.  For detailed instructions on how to make an appointment, click here. Please remember, if you book an appointment, make every effort to keep it. Many students are interested in working with professional writing consultants and there are limited options. If you must cancel your appointment, please do so as soon as you can so another student may book that appointment. If you cancel last minute or do not show up for more then three appointments, you may not be able to schedule additional appointments without first meeting with CWAA staff. Please contact us at if you have any questions.