All CWAA tutoring is provided by skilled peer tutors. Drop-in hours are available for students seeking tutoring in introductory courses (typically 100- and 200-level courses). All tutoring takes place in the CWAA (MacPhaidin 314) or one of our satellite locations. Check out our current schedule.

To have a successful semester, make sure you attend classes, meet with your professors during their office hours, attend review sessions (if applicable) and take advantage of all resources available to you. Additionally, students seeking tutoring can meet with a subject tutor on a walk-in basis in the CWAA or satellite locations. No appointment is necessary for most subjects. Subject tutors can help with content throughout the semester, and work with students to build skills and confidence. It is most effective to come early and often so that you're well prepared for exams.

We now offer individual tutoring in biology, chemistry and foreign languages by appointment. All appointments must be scheduled (and cancelled) through the CWAA's TutorTrac system.  For detailed instructions on how to make an appointment, click here. Please remember, if you book an appointment, make every effort to keep it. Many students are interested in working with individual tutors and there are limited options. If you must cancel your appointment, please do so as soon as you can so another student may book that appointment. If you cancel last minute or do not show up for more then three appointments, you may not be able to schedule additional appointments without first meeting with CWAA staff.

To have a productive tutoring appointment remember tutors are focused on furthering your comprehension, not giving out answers. In compliance with the Academic Code of Conduct, quizzes and exams may not be completed during a tutoring session. What you can do is:

  • Try to work through the material on your own first
  • Attend TA Review sessions or visit your faculty member's office hours
  • Bring course materials (textbook, notes, syllabus, study guide, assignment etc.)
  • Come with specific questions 

What if...

  • Your subject is not listed on the drop-in schedule
  • You cannot attend any of the drop-in tutoring hours
  • You have completed at least three drop-in appointments that have been recorded in TutorTrac, but want more individualized help

We can help! Please contact us at for more information.