CWAA Services for Students

Peer Tutoring

The CWAA offers a combination of peer-led drop-in group tutoring in discipline-focused labs and one-on-one appointment-based tutoring. Students may utilize both services, depending on their individual needs. Peer tutors provide support to students by reviewing concepts and modeling appropriate strategies. 


Drop-in Group Labs

One-on-One Appointments

Works best for…

Students who have quick questions.

Students who like to collaborate on content, ideas and study strategies with peers.

Students who might want help in multiple courses.

Students who have more extensive questions.

Students who prefer one-on-one.

Students whose schedule doesn’t match with drop-in availability.

Students whose course is not included in any lab (foreign languages, for example).

How do I know where to go?

The CWAA’s full schedule, including lab locations, can be found on our website or the Stonehill app.

Appointments must be scheduled in TutorTrac.

Once you make an appointment, you will get a reminder with information about where you will meet – usually in the CWAA.

How long will the session be?

Labs are open for 2-3 hours and students may stay for part or all of that time.

Appointments last up to 1 hour.

How often may I attend?

Students may attend all lab sessions, which typically occur 2 times per week for each discipline.

Students may schedule up to 2 appointments per week per course.

Will I meet with the same tutors?

Labs are staffed by 2-3 tutors, who work the same shift every week.

Multiple tutors offer appointments and keep consistent schedules. You could meet with the same tutor each time or you could meet with different tutors.

How many other students will be in the session?

Drop-in sessions are open to all students, so attendance will vary. Group tutoring can be very effective in that you can pool your knowledge with other students, review class topics and points of confusion collectively.

One-on-one appointments are individual, so it will be just you.