Spring 2017 Writing Fellows Applications are due December 2.

The Writing Program and the CWAA are pleased to offer the Writing Fellows Program to support First-Year Seminars and Writing-in-the-Disciplines courses at Stonehill. A Writing Fellow is an undergraduate peer writing consultant who is specifically charged with supporting writing activities in and beyond the classroom.

All Fellows must successfully complete the three credit seminar, WRI 369: Writing Tutoring: Theory and Practice. An initial orientation and monthly supervision by CWAA staff are required. Faculty who are granted a Writing Fellow will provide feedback at the end of the semester to the Director of the CWAA for program assessment. 

The Writing Fellow's Role in the Classroom

Writing Fellows may work up to five hours per week during the semester. Fellows will participate and receive compensation for ongoing training and supervisory meetings. Writing Fellows are not content experts, and they are not expected to attend every class session. Writing Fellows are specifically charged with supporting and facilitating writing activities in the classroom, including the following:

  • Collaborate with faculty on crafting and "auditioning" writing assignments
  • Respond to drafts of student papers and informal assignments prior to being submitted for a final grade
  • Facilitate or participate in small-group discussions of student work or structured peer review sessions
  • Serve as liaisons to the CWAA to facilitate referrals for one-to-one tutoring
  • Respond online to student blogs or discussion forums and chats on e-learn

Writing Fellows are not asked to:

  • Complete course readings and run review sessions
  • Proctor examinations
  • Grade high-stakes papers or examinations
  • Conduct research unrelated to class preparation
  • Provide clerical support to faculty
  • Lead class in the professor's absence
  • Provide one-to-one tutoring outside of the CWAA
  • Discipline students

Please review the Writing Fellow Program FAQs , Guidelines for Faculty, and Guidelines for Fellows Prior to Applying.

How to Apply

Please complete the Writing Fellows Application to be considered for the program. Once all applications are received, faculty will be paired with trained Fellows based on their major, course experience, and availability. Please note, there are a select number of Fellows available for work each semester and submitting an application does not guarantee a Fellow will be assigned to your course.