Teaching Assistants

The primary role of an undergraduate Teaching Assistant (TA) is to provide academic support that benefits students enrolled in introductory level, historically difficult courses.

The TA request process is currently under review. More information will be posted soon.  

TA positions are merit-based, work-study positions. Faculty members identify talented students with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher who have both the demonstrated knowledge in the content area and the appropriate disposition for working with fellow students. Because TAs work directly with one faculty member and class, TAs are now overseen by the individual faculty members within the academic departments, rather than the CWAA. 


The following minimum criteria for TA request approval have been adopted:

  • TA request submitted by due date (not late).
  • Supports 100- or 200-level course. 
  • Course enrollment: 18+ students.
  • Historically difficult course.
  • TA applicant has earned a 3.0+ GPA. 
  • TA responsibilities are clearly defined and include directly assisting students with course work.

TAs perform a variety of duties, including:

  • Hold review sessions
  • Offer in-class support and assist with class discussions
  • Hold office hours to answer student questions/concerns
  • Meet with professor to plan for upcoming review/PLTL sessions
  • Communicate regularly with faculty member
  • Serve as liaison between students and faculty

For most disciplines, TAs offer regular review sessions, providing the opportunity to re-examine concepts and ask questions in the company of their peers. This peer-to-peer model benefits all students interested in receiving additional academic support.

Depending on the requirements of the TA and the expectations of the faculty member, TAs typically work 2-4 hours per week, per section, with a maximum of 2 sections (4-8 hours per week). The position commences on the first day of classes and ends on the last day of classes.