CWAA Services for Faculty and Advisors

The Center for Writing and Academic Achievement (CWAA) strives to support you and your course goals by providing a variety of peer tutoring services such as Math Lab, Atrium Tutoring, and drop-in and appointment-based tutoring hours in the Center (MacPhaidin 314) for writing and a variety of subjects.

Our tutors are undergraduates seeking to gain more in-depth knowledge in their respective subject while acquiring valuable experience providing peer assistance. The peer tutors must be recommended by a faculty member, but are hired and trained through the CWAA.

Teaching Assistants

The primary role of an undergraduate Teaching Assistant (TA) is to provide academic support that benefits students enrolled in the course. TAs work within a variety of courses across academic disciplines. All students are required to follow the College's Community Standards.

Referrals for Professional Writing Consultations

There are a limited number of hours available for students to meet with a professional writing consultant. If a student is struggling with writing and would benefit from working with a professional, please submit this Faculty Referral form. If you have any questions or would like to discuss concerns, please contact the Director, Devon Sprague at

Referrals for Subject Tutoring

Students are encouraged to visit CWAA drop-in tutoring hours for specific subjects (like math, chemistry and biology) or book individual appointments with peer tutors. Please see our drop-in schedule for more information about subjects, hours, and locations. If you feel your student would benefit more from one-on-one tutoring, please contact the CWAA at

Please bear in mind that there are a limited number of individual tutors. Sometimes, new tutors need to be hired to fulfill these requests. If you have students you would like to recommend as tutors, it may expedite the process. We are always looking for great new tutors!