Resources for Faculty & Staff

Time and time again, Stonehill students report on the significant positive impact that faculty and staff have on their overall experience, both in and out of the classroom. During critical times, you may be the one person a student feels comfortable turning to and asking for help. Knowing how to approach and effectively engage a student, as well as being aware of available campus resources, can best assist you for these potentially difficult conversations.

Consultation & Referrals

Whom Do I Call?

Here you will find a chart that lists possible student concerns and the appropriate offices or departments that may be contacted in those situations. This list is not exhaustive; however, it should provide you with a good framework from which to start.

Other Resources for Supporting Our Students

  • For a centralized listing of the many support services available to our students, check out the Center for Teaching and Learning's listing of campus resources by clicking here.
  • Workshops on assisting distressed students and suicide prevention are available throughout the academic year in collaboration with the Office of Health and Wellness Education.  Program offerings for faculty and staff and registration are advertised regularly.