Counseling Services is committed to the development of the whole person: intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and socially.  As part of this commitment,  Counseling Services recognizes the need for specific outreach, resources, and engagement of our student-athletes.

While not every student has the same experience, student-athletes may face unique stressors and struggles in their college experience that trigger emotional distress.   The Counseling Services team is committed to providing a welcoming environment, where all identities, abilities, beliefs, and experiences are recognized and valued.  Clinicians are available to provide counseling support to our student-athletes who may need a confidential space to explore distress, identify resources, and learn coping strategies.   In addition to services we offer on-campus via counseling, case management, crisis intervention, groups, and outreach programming, we have collaborated with the JED Campus Team to compile resources here specific to the emotional and mental health needs of student-athletes. 

Student-athletes are welcome to meet with Counseling Services for support and to learn more about any of the resources listed here:  

  • The NCAA has a variety of resources related to athletes and mental health.  Check out the NCAA Mental Health Sports Science Institute for Mental Health Education Resources including fact sheets on Anxiety, Depression, and Eating Disorders, as well as information on the Suicide Prevention.
  • HOPE HAPPENS HERE is a student-let movement that aims to promote mental health awareness and mental wellbeing on college campuses, and in particular for student-athletes.  Follow Stonehill's HHH on Instagram!  @stonehillhhh
  • Free for NE-10 Student-Athletes!  Mental Health Support for Students & Athletes During COVID 19 and Beyond: Managing Anxiety, Dealing with Loss of Connection or Identity, Finding the Positives, & So Much More!  Click here and once on the page, at the bottom, choose "Subscription for One" and create a login, using your school email and create a password unique to you, to gain your free, lifetime access to the modules.  If needed, the coupon code is "NE10."
  • For student-athletes who may have experienced concussion, here's an article on how counseling can be helpful after concussion.  
  • Looking to hear stories and perspectives from athletes regarding mental health?  Check out:
  • Support for Sport is a site to help athletes find information about mental health referrals as well as how to have conversations with teammates when concerned about them. 
  • LGBTQ+ Support: Athletes Share Coming Out Stories and Perspectives on Outsports.
  • Need additional resources?  Check out this Resource List for athletes and mental health.  Also consider checking out ULIFELINE, a great resource for a variety of college mental health topics.  The Counseling Services Self-Help Resources page and the Health and Wellness Education site also provide helpful information.  

We share resources on our site to offer information for interested students.  However, it should be noted that Stonehill is not affiliated with these resources and they are independent platforms.  It is a personal choice to utilize resources listed here and you may not find all the resources to be helpful for your needs.  Please don’t hesitate to call Counseling Services to schedule an appointment if you would benefit from discussing coping strategies and resources further.  If you have any accessibility needs and cannot access resources listed here, please call the office and we will assist in any way we can.

Counseling Services

Emergencies, Urgent Situations, and Routine Appointment Scheduling

In the event you are experiencing an emergency, please contact Campus Police at 508-565-5555 if on-campus or 911 if off-campus.

If you are in crisis and need to speak to a counselor urgently, please call our main line at 508-565-1331 and select Option 2 to be connected to the 24/7 Urgent Support Line.

If you would like to schedule a routine appointment such as an intake, or inquire further about our services, please call our main line at 508-565-1331 and select Option 1 to be connected to the front desk.