The Stonehill College Fund is one of the largest sources of fundraising support for the College.

Your gift can even be earmarked for any of our scholarships, the GoHill Fund for athletics or for a particular program or activity of special interest to you.

Stonehill is grateful for the support provided by alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of the College.

Your generosity makes it possible to offer our students the best educational opportunities and programs, giving them the tools to create a more just and compassionate world.

Hear from Elizabeth Hanna '24 as she expresses gratitude for donor support in enhancing her Stonehill experience.

I give to Stonehill to support future students having the wonderful opportunity of a Stonehill education. The Hill is a place that I call home, and I want others to have that same feeling.

I give to Stonehill because I loved being there. I made great friends, strengthened my Catholic faith and learned the true art of teaching.

Scholarships were a big part of the reason I attended Stonehill over other private colleges in the region, as every little bit counted for my family. I felt valued as an applicant, and that feeling never subsided during my four years as a student. I give every year, hoping to play a small part in helping another student feel that way.

Thanks to my time at Stonehill I was able to participate in countless, amazing opportunities. From Campus Ministry and community service to studying abroad to internships and work study jobs, I learned all the different areas I have strengths in and the areas I am most passionate about. Now I'm working at a dream job where I get to incorporate all those things and even experience them again in a professional capacity! Stonehill was a true blessing which is why I will continue to give back every year so future students can be blessed by this wonderful place as well.