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A quality collegiate athletic program has always relied upon successful collaboration to achieve goals, and it is no different at Stonehill. Through the hard work and dedication of our student-athletes and coaches and the generosity of our alumni, Stonehill’s athletics program continues to produce incredible results.

Gifts to the GoHill Fund advance the development of Stonehill Athletics. They provide the means to grant scholarships, improve facilities, fund out-of-region travel and foster the growth and development of students and staff.

Giving to the GoHill Fund ensures we can fulfill our commitment to:

  • Compete and succeed at the highest level in each of our 23 varsity sports.
  • Uphold the highest standards of academic and athletic integrity.
  • Provide a transformative experience for our student-athletes.
  • Support the College’s mission to educate the whole person so that each Stonehill graduate thinks, acts, and leads with courage to create a more just and compassionate world.

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Stonehill College Department of Athletics

Vision - Strategic Intent

The Stonehill College Athletic Department will deliver the most complete and balanced student experience. Central to the experience will be the formation of whole person development in order to create transformational leaders for life.


The Athletic Department of Stonehill College endeavors to provide the students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community constituencies, a bedrock commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Guided by the values of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Stonehill College Athletics seeks to pursue excellence in the form of academic and competitive success, community engagement and, whole person development.

Guiding Principles

Serve and promote the College’s mission to educate the whole person so that each Stonehill graduate thinks, acts, and leads with courage to create a more just and compassionate world.

Core Values

  • Appreciation of Differences
    • A diverse & inclusive community
  • Integrity
    • Compliant with the rules, philosophies and guidelines of NCAA Division I, the Northeast Conference, and Stonehill College
    • Win the right way – uncompromising commitment to academics and athletics
  • Community
    • Care for, have concern for and exhibit compassion to, all of our constituents
    • Congeniality and Collegiality
      • A courageous community that communicates directly, productively, and with empathy
    • STONEHILL – one community
  • Commitment to Excellence
    • Achieve academic excellence in harmony with the College’s aspirational goals
    • To competitive athletic success, i.e. the effort and endurance needed to push ourselves and our teammates to achieve personal and collective best
    • To community engagement and meaningful service experiences 
    • To a transformational experience – whole-person development and total care for students and staff in order to create lifelong wellbeing
    • To continuous growth and development

As a member of the basketball team ('65-'69), Stonehill provided me the financial means to attend college. I am grateful for that experience and the opportunities that followed. I wish the best for all past and future Stonehill athletes.

Throughout my four years I have received generous scholarships from the College and its donors that provided financial relief to my family and I. Stonehill also afforded me opportunities that I will forever be grateful for. I had the opportunity to play Division 2 Lacrosse for a nationally ranked team with amazing coaches and teammates, learned so much through the HOPE program, and built relationships with so many wonderful students and faculty through the orientation programs. These experiences were not ones that I anticipated having coming into college, but are ones that I will remember forever.

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