SkyTalk: Stonehill’s Phonathon Program

SkyTalk is the latest incarnation of the long standing calling program at Stonehill. Located in the remodeled Merkert-Tracy Hall, we call Monday-Thursday, 5:30 -8:30 PM, soliciting alumni and parents for support of the College. The program connects current students with alumni, allowing them learn about the history of Stonehill, while sharing what life is like today as a Stonehill student.

“The connection I made with the alum gave me motivation to continue to have a great night of calling, and gave me confidence for calling throughout the rest of the year.” Theresa ’16


“Phonathon is really interesting and fun because you get to speak with a variety of alumni, from when the school was just new to more recent years.”- Eva ’17


“I rarely leave a conversation feeling that I did not learn something new about that Alum. In fact, I frequently end conversations wishing that I could re-contact them and ask them to coffee.” – Ryann ’16


“A call is really successful when the caller and the alum can build a connection. It is always great to have the alum remember why they chose to come to Stonehill in the first place.”- Matt ’16

When You Receive a Phone Call from SkyTalk, you can expect the Caller to:

  • Identify him or herself by their name, class year, major, and that they are calling from Stonehill
  • Confirm the contact info we have on file and gather any updates you have
  • Learn about your Stonehill experience while sharing highlights from theirs
  • Talk about any new developments around campus or in the curriculum
  • Explain that he or she is calling on behalf of the Stonehill College Fund and how annual gifts make a difference in the lives of students
  • Ask for your support
  • Set up payment, either through credit card or pledge form
  • Determine if you or your spouse work for a matching gift company
  • Say Thank You!

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