Student learning occurs in a variety of contexts on and off the Stonehill campus. High impact learning experiences such as labs, creative performances, community-based projects, undergraduate research, study abroad, internships and co-curricular opportunities compliment individual courses and curricular programs. Integrated learning permeates the institution and the entire undergraduate experience.

Course, Program, and Institutional Assessment

Assessment of student learning occurs at each of these levels – within courses, within programs, and within the institution as a whole. In fact, thoughtful assessment can promote coherence and alignment across all three levels.

The Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching & Learning provides resources to faculty to assess student learning within individual courses. The Center was founded to support faculty in their various roles and responsibilities as educators at Stonehill. It exists to advance excellence in learning, teaching, and assessment through programs meant to support faculty development and research in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Office of Academic Assessment

The Office of Academic Assessment has primary responsibility for assessment of student learning at the programmatic level, and supports continuous improvement of academic program review, senior transitions and graduate outcomes. The Director works closely with Department Chairs and Program Directors to develop and implement manageable and meaningful program-level assessment plans.

Office of Planning & Institutional Research

The Office of Planning & Institutional Research provides institutional data about student learning by collecting and providing timely, reliable college-related data to internal and external audiences.