After considering input from 165,000 students at colleges and universities across the country, The Princeton Review recently ranked Stonehill College 19th out of 389 schools for quality of life.

The Review says its rankings are based on students' answers to several survey questions, including how they rate the beauty, safety and location of their campus, their campus dorms and food, their ease in getting around the campus and in dealing with the administration, the friendliness of fellow students and interactions among different student types on campus, and their overall happiness.

The vast majority of student (88%) live on campus in a variety of residential settings. As a result, students quickly form a close community in an environment with more than 80 clubs, a variety of dining options, playing fields, hiking trails and a quaint town center within walking distance.

This is also an active campus with NCAA Division I teams and intramural sports. And by participating in everything from campus concerts and Boston excursions to our DiverCity talent show, students have countless ways to unwind.