Doing Data Analysis with Minitab 14

This collection of computer sessions is designed with the beginning student in mind. The goal of each session is to help the student develop insights into statistical concepts and to experience statistical thinking. With Minitab able to handle the "grunt work" of computation, the student can concentrate on interpretation of results, and comprehension of the methods.

Each session is organized around statistical concepts and techniques, rather than software features. The sequence of topics is compatible with most introductory statistics texts on the market.

The sessions first lead students through theory and application of techniques, with clear step-by-step instructions. Then, in the Moving On... portion of the session, students must decide how to approach and solve questions based on an intriguing variety of real-world datasets. 

Doing Data Analysis with Minitab 14 builds on the success of the first edition (Minitab 12), with new coverage of Design of Experiments, expanded coverage of Analysis of Variance, and new datasets and examples throughout.

The text is available from Duxbury Press. Data files for all sessions are also available at the Duxbury Data Library site.

Instructors: Your Duxbury representative can provide a access to solutions for all Session and Moving On... questions. Additional resources are available at the Duxbury Companion.