Che Madyun

Grassroots Community Organizing Development and; Leadership; Arts & Culture, Higher Education Professor; Community Transformation

CHE MADYUN is most known for her community involvement and for being one of the founding board members of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, also known as DSNI. For eight of her ten years on the board, she was the board president. As the first resident president of DSNI, Che created many opportunities for resident voices to be heard and provided critical and visionary insight around community organizing strategies. She is featured in the award winning documentary film, Holding Ground, and the book, Streets of Hope: The Fall and Rise of an Urban Neighborhood, which chronicle the Dudley Street – DSNI story.

DSNI is recognized internationally as a resident-driven, multi-ethnic planning and organizing entity that has many noteworthy accomplishments. While Che was board president, DSNI developed a comprehensive plan to revitalize the neighborhood that the City of Boston accepted as their revitalization plan for the neighborhood. Also during her presidency, DSNI became the first community-based group in the country to win eminent domain authority over the vacant land in their neighborhood, to develop housing, parks and gardens.

Che Madyun is currently an Adjunct Professor at Cambridge College teaching courses on community building and theatre and she works as the Community Relations and Education Associate for the Education Department at Citi Performing Arts Center in Boston. She is also a Riley Foundation Fellow, where she manages The Family Strengthening Small Grants Fund. This fund awards grants to grassroots groups in the Dudley area where a resident committee decides who receives a grant. Che presently sits on the boards of the Massachusetts Drama Guild and the Friends of the Dudley Branch Library.

 In addition to her community work, professionally, Che is a classically trained dancer who has worked as a choreographer, a dance teacher, a dancer and an actress. She has managed performance venues, has been an arts educator and is an advocate for arts education in schools.