Unseen Stonehill

You spent four years here as a student. You know the quad, the Dining Commons, the residence halls and almost all of the classrooms like the back of your hand. You might even be familiar with the less frequented spots on campus like the caves, the little chapel in Holy Cross Center or the Garden Room on the east side of Donahue Hall. Feel like you’ve seen it all?

SAM asked folks on campus to tell us about some unexplored areas or unseen items that they know of but that you may have missed or, perhaps, never knew existed.
by Kim Lawrence

Did You Know This?
The tile floor near the Atrium windows in the Shields Science Center is heated, and many buildings have at least one filtered water fountain so that you can fill your water bottles.
—Catherine A. Tierney ’18 and Michaela D’Ambrosio ’16, authors of the First-Year Stonehill Survival Guide