Music Technology Minor

The Music Technology program at Stonehill enables students to create music using the latest software and hardware. Students will learn to record instruments, as well as to edit and mix multitrack recordings.

Music technology students will also learn to synchronize music with video. These skills are supplemented by a study of the production of popular music.

Creative music making is also enabled by learning how to read and write music. Students will make music in an ensemble and will learn basic piano skills. Such skills serve the student in creating music in the studio, on computers, or for multimedia applications.

Competitive Advantages

Students in several programs may benefit from the music technology minor: digital media production, communications and business students in particular.

Internship Opportunities

Students may choose to intern with a local recording studio, such as Bristol Recording Studios in Boston.

Career Development Resources

The Career Development Center offers extensive assistance to students seeking employment, pursuing advanced studies or participating in postgraduate service opportunities. By completing internships and utilizing mentors, students are empowered to build lifelong career management skills. Stonehill’s career management system, Handshake, connects students with an extensive network of jobs, internships and mentors.