Digital Media Production Minor

The Digital Media Production Minor is devoted to providing students with hands-on experience in the creation of visual screen media.


New Resources, a New Minor and a New Focus Are Helping Communication Majors Thrive in a Rapidly Changing Industry

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Communicate Your Ideas in Ways That Captivate Your Audience

Being an effective communicator in the 21st century requires not only excellent written and oral communication skills but also the ability to employ contemporary media technology to tell stories and convey ideas to different audiences through various media channels.

The Digital Media Production Minor delivers a valuable skill set to two groups:

  • Those interested in careers on the production side of media industries
  • Those in any field in which the ability to express their ideas in interesting and effective ways will help them achieve their career goals

Students in this program, which complements a variety of majors, will learn about studio and single-camera production, editing and postproduction techniques, and writing for different media outlets and audiences. Coursework emphasizes both team production and development of individual projects. 

Take Advantage of Expanded Campus resources

Stonehill recently invested in extensive upgrades to its television studio and control room and added a new Mac classroom geared toward nonlinear editing. Students in the Digital Media Production Program will be able to maximize the potential of these renovated and new spaces.  

Put Your Skills to Work in Manhattan or Los Angeles

Students will have the opportunity to augment their coursework with internships, possibly in New York or Los Angeles, and culminate their experience by producing their own short film.

Many of our LA interns are returning to Hollywood post-graduation for positions in the entertainment industry. While many have launched their careers in the promotional side of the business, the Digital Media Production Minor will allow others to pursue careers on the production end.

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