Class of 2023

Congratulations on your admission to Stonehill! We look forward to welcoming you to campus as a member of the Stonehill College Class of 2023!

Your Next-Step Checklist

1. Access Your Stonehill Application Status Page

Log in to your application status page to view your admission decision letter. Your financial aid award will be visible on your status page when it is released.

2. Make Your Enrollment Deposit

Make your enrollment deposit to officially reserve your place in the Stonehill College Class of 2023!

3. Connect with Future Classmates

Join the Stonehill College Class of 2023 Facebook page. See who’s coming to Stonehill, connect with future classmates, get questions answered, win prizes and find up-to-date info on events.

4. Wear it with Pride

Get yourself some Skyhawk gear (may we suggest a super-comfy sweatshirt?) and enjoy the rest of your senior year! Congratulations. We can’t wait to see you for summer orientation!

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