Diversity & Inclusion

Supporting a diverse environment is the responsibility of everyone at the College, and our entire community collaborates to provide opportunities for students to engage in education, activism and empowerment. We’ve developed sharing programs, teaching practices and student leadership experiences that create and improve a culture of belonging.

We believe in the inherent dignity of each person, and we’ve invested in a culture where differences of experience are openly shared. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining an honest, just and compassionate community of inclusion, and we have come to depend on the dynamic leadership of our students in these efforts.

Human Development

Our commitment to diversity inclusion means more than getting you ready for a job in a diverse workplace. We believe that experiencing a diversity of persons and opinions is part of your human development in a global culture.

Whatever path you take, your time at Stonehill will in many ways be an immersion in diversity that promotes this growth.

Programs & Organizations

These programs and organizations foster critical thinking, free inquiry, and the interchange of ideas at the intersections of racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, socioeconomic and religious diversity.

  • ALANA-A Brothers and Sisters (ABS)
  • Diversity on Campus (D.O.C.)
  • Diversity Networking Group
  • Diversity and Inclusion Networking Event (D.I.N.E.)
  • Exploring Whiteness
  • Raising Awareness of our Cultural Experiences (R.A.C.E.)
  • The Intercultural Experience Program (IEP)
  • La Unidad/The Spanish Club
  • The Moore Center for Gender Equity
  • Men of Service, Academia, Integrity, and Character (M.O.S.A.I.C.)
  • The Office of Intercultural Affairs
  • Providing a Responsible, Inclusive, and Diverse Environment (PRIDE)
  • Radiant Inspirational Sisters Empowered (R.I.S.E.)
  • The Stonehill College chapter of Silent Witness Initiative
  • Stonehill Asian American Society
  • Diversity Committee of Student Government Association
  • Stonehill Alumni of Color Group
  • Faculty and Staff of Color Group
  • Multicultural Book Club (“Lunch with 12 Strangers”)

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