Office of Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement oversees many aspects of campus life and supports the overall College mission to educate the whole person. Our goal is to provide involvement opportunities that will empower Stonehill students to create a fun and positive campus community.


The Office of Student Engagement provides Stonehill students with transformative experiences that foster social interaction, self-exploration, student engagement, and leadership development.  In turn, students will create and participate in a welcoming, supportive, and engaging environment that enriches the academic, social, and personal experience of all students.

Our goal is to provide quality services and programs for our students that will contribute to their academic and co-curricular success by focusing on four key areas:

It is our hope that these areas will facilitate active student participation in co-curricular activities and leadership while also promoting learning, building community, and empowering students.

Policies and Procedures

The following select policies and procedures focus on helping students and student organizations when it comes to event planning and organizational management. A fully searchable public version of the Stonehill College Policy Manual is available in PolicyTech.


  1. Starting a Student Organization
  2. Flyer Posting/Advertising Guidelines
  3. Trips and Transportation Guidelines
  4. Using College Vans
  5. Adding Name to Student Organization Membership Roster
  6. Maintaining Meeting/Event Attendance (for club secretaries)


  1. Recognition of Student Organizations
  2. Student Advertising
  3. Student Use of Stonehill Name and Logos
  4. Contracts for Student Programs
  5. Off-Campus Speakers for Student Programs
  6. Use of College Vans by Student Groups
  7. Trips and Transportation for Student Programs
  8. Demonstrations
  9. Outdoor Social Programs
  10. Student Solicitation, Fundraising, and Raffles
  11. Gambling
  12. Student Eligibility for College Activities, Study Abroad/Away Programs, and Club Sports

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