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How will you lead?

Leadership is not something that is ever complete.  There are plenty of times that we do the work of leading, but the work of growing as a leader is a life-long endeavor.  The Anchors Leadership Society gives Stonehill Students the tools and experiences to be a good leader, and the continuing education to continue being formed as a leader.  Each Stonehill student has unique gifts and skills that they will discover and develop through their membership and engagement in the life of the society. This diversity of leadership styles and strengths is not only healthy, but it is necessary in order continually to meet the wide-range of needs our world presents. 

Members must complete an initiation process consisting of four training class sessions, completion of the Lead with Courage training, participation in a leadership workshop, and connect regularly with a mentor at the college.  The initiation process is completed with a formal dinner and ceremony. 

Once initiated, members of the society must continue to participate in leadership development opportunities offered throughout the college.  In addition to the intentional programming and events sponsored by the Anchors Society, there are numerous opportunities offered throughout the college.  This participation is tracked with a simple hours system.  If a member does not maintain the appropriate level of engagement in their own leadership development, they will be placed on probation and finally dismissed from the society.

Grounded in the ideas of Blessed Basil Moreau, CSC and the Congregation of Holy Cross, Stonehill College strives to educate the entire person, mind and heart.  The Anchors Society allows students the space to cultivate a habit of listening, thinking, acting, and leading so that they are prepared to go forth and make a difference in our world, helping to form it into a place where justice and compassion find a home. 

The Anchors Society is a leadership development program that forms Stonehill students into strong leaders. The Anchors Society is born of the Think. Act. Lead. initiative.  It is focused on developing and connecting student leaders across campus.  It consists of initiation, continuing education, and practical application. 

  • Provide effective training for Stonehill students to learn how to be good leaders.
  • Create an environment in which leadership skills and abilities are developed regardless of holding leadership positions.
  • Serve as a networking/connection point for all the many and varied leadership opportunities offered at Stonehill College.
  • Further enhance students’ understanding of the importance of diversity and how leaders can create more equitable communities.


In order to be a member of the Anchors Society, a Stonehill student must complete the following requirements (12hr total).  These events take place in the spring semester.

  1. Class 1: Listen (2hr) 
  2. Class 2: Think (2hr) 
  3. Class 3: Act (2hr) 
  4. Class 4: Lead (2hr) 
  5. Mentor Meeting (1hr)
  6. Lead with Courage Training (1hr)
  7. Workshop (1hr)
  8. Initiation Dinner/Ceremony (1hr)


Have Questions? Contact us.

Rev. Timothy N. Mouton, C.S.C.

Director of First-Year Experience and Leadership Development
Student Affairs