The Disney Leadership Experience provides students with tools to be the leaders who shape tomorrow. During the fall semester, a cohort of 20 students from all classes engage in an accelerated leadership experience through workshops, building a foundation of leadership principles and shared philosophy. Workshops include topics such as modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act, and encouraging those around them.

Following workshops, students take part in a six day, five night experience at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL attending three Disney Imagination Campus workshops. These educational programs focus on Leadership Strategies, Techniques of Teamwork, and Theme Park Design. Students will understand how Disney develops leaders and creates magical experiences for their guests and cast members, while connecting back to their own leadership experiences at Stonehill. Students will engage through group learning and individual educational breakout sessions, participate in experiential activities in the Disney Theme Parks, and develop an action plan for accomplishing their student leadership and career goals.

The following are the intended outcomes for students taking part in the Disney Leadership Experience:

  • Understand elements of team dynamics; identify key challenges teams face; and develop a strategic plan to address them
  • Understand the need for building consensus on a team and an individual’s responsibility in achieving it
  • Articulate the value of encouraging and supporting individual strengths and talents on a team
  • Share critical environmental elements that a leader must provide for a truly creative team to thrive
  • Articulate the pervasive and critical need for clear and precise communication from a leader to their team, as well as the necessity for a 360° communication flow within a team
  • Have insights into the nature of confidentiality and the need for a leader to properly identify the level of confidentiality required by various types of information
  • Describe discussed leadership styles, give examples, and identify which are closest to their own style
  • Develop strategic plan for great leadership and effective team communication
  • Identify and apply Disney Key Concepts for Strategic Leadership, Teamwork, and Creative Discontent
  • Understand forced perspective and how to use it
  • Identify the role of color in shaping mood
  • Identify the importance of safety within creativity
  • Incorporate physical assets such as restrooms, trash cans, restaurants and shops into the story you are telling
  • Explain how Guest flow is impacted by art design

For questions or more information, please contact the program coordinators: 

Stephen E Pagios

Director of Student Engagement
Dining Commons 103B
Student Engagement
Arianna Gulbis

Arianna Gulbis

Director of Residence Life
Residence Life