eLearn Learning Management System


eLearn is our learning management system based on Blackboard’s Angel platform.  It provides powerful tools for faculty to present course content, collect student assignments, enable collaboration and manage outcomes.  Students benefit from a single resource to access all their information for a course.

Available to    

Students, Faculty, Staff


  • Students enjoy access to course materials designed to enhance their learning experience, including video lectures.
  • Faculty and students can engage through e-mail, discussion boards, and blogs.
  • Faculty can create online quizzes and tests and gather student feedback through anonymous surveys.
  • Instant feedback can be given for graded assignments including comments, scores against a rubric, and the grade.
  • Plagiarism detection is automated using Turnitin from a dropbox.
  • A Learning Object Repository (LOR) provides faculty and departments a method to store course content that is portable, sharable, and reusable.
  • Staff can take workplace training sessions in an online format.

Getting Started

  • Browse to http://elearn.stonehill.edu  and use your Stonehill username and password to log in.  Or use single sign on from myHill by clicking the eLearn link under the Quicklinks channel.
  • Note the results under the System Check heading before logging in to ensure browser and plugin requirements are met.
  • Refer to the following knowledge base resources, found under the eLearn category for more information.