Faculty Committees

The year in parenthesis to the right of the faculty member's name indicates that at the end of the spring semester of that year the faculty member's service in that committee ends. Elections for committees are held by the Faculty Senate at the beginning of the spring semester for anticipated vacancies. Call for nominations are sent out and all faculty are invited to nominate themselves for any vacancies to any of these committees.

Faculty Senate (3 year term)


  • Virginia Cortijo, Business (Term Expires 2015)
  • Norah Esty, At-large  (Term Expires 2015)
  • William Ewell, Liberal Arts (Term Expires 2014)
  • Sarah Gracombe, At-large  (Term Expires 2016)
  • Marilena Hall, President, Science (Term Expires 2014)
  • Glen Ilacqua, At-large  (Term Expires 2016)
  • Anna Lannstrom, Liberal Arts (Term Expires 2016)
  • John Lanci, At-large  (Term Expires 2016)
  • Mary Joan Leith, Liberal Arts (Term Expires 2014)
  • Christian Martin, At-large  (Term Expires 2015)
  • Sean Mulholland, At-large  (Term Expires 2015)
  • George Piggford, Vice President, Liberal Arts (Term Expires 2014)
  • Shane Savage-Rumbaugh, At-large  (Term Expires 2016)
  • Jennifer Swanson, Business (Term Expires 2015)
  • Leon Tilley, Science (Term Expires 2015)
  • Erica Tucker, At-large  (Term Expires 2016)

Academic Appeals Board (2 year term)

Reports to Academic Division


  • Amy Houston, Liberal Arts (Term Expires 2015)
  • Ginger Meng, Business (Term Expires 2015)
  • Pamela Lombardi, Science (Term Expires 2015)

Academic Integrity Board (2 year term)

Reports to Academic Division


  • Helga Duncan, Liberal Arts (Term Expires 2014), sabb. replacement Brendan O'Sullivan
  • Geoffrey Lantos, Business (Term Expires 2013)
  • Gregory Maniero, Science (Term Expires 2014)
  • Constantinos Mekios, Liberal Arts (Term Expires 2014)
  • Ginger Meng, Business (Term Expires 2014)
  • Bettina Scholz, Liberal Arts (Term Expires 2014)

Board of Fellows (3 year term)

Three positions

"...the sole power and authority of the Fellows shall be to elect the Board of Trustees..."


  • Brian Glibkowski, At-large  (Term Expires 2014)
  • Debbie Salvucci, At-large  (Term Expires 2015)
  • Xuejian Yu, At-large  (Term Expires 2016)

Catholic Identity (2 year term)

Reports to Mission Division (Four Positions - 3 At-large, 1 Religious Studies)

"The purpose of this Committee is to articulate and clarify issues of Catholic Identity and Holy Cross sponsorship as it relates to the mission of the College. It also provides a forum for the constituencies of the College to offer input into these questions."


  • Nathaniel DesRosiers, Religious Studies (Tem Expires 2015)
  • Geoffrey Lantos, At-large (Term Expires 2015)
  • Maura Tyrrell, At-large (Term Expires 2015)
  • George Piggford, At-large (Term Expires 2015)

Compensation (2 year term)

Reports to Faculty Senate (Six Positions: One seat reserved for non-tenured faculty member)

"The Compensation Committee studies and maintains information on faculty salaries and other compensation. The committee will report at least annually to the Faculty Senate and to the faculty at large its estimation of the fairness, effectiveness, and appropriateness of the current, and any proposed, salary and compensation schemes."


  • Richard Capobianco, Professor(Term Expires 2014)
  • Robert Faria, Adjunct Faculty (Term Expires 2014)
  • Daniel Itzkovitz, Professor (Term Expires 2015)
  • Lee McGinnis, Associate Professor (Term Expires 2015)
  • Hsin-hao Su, Associate Professor (Term Expires 2014)
  • Timothy Woodcock, Non-tenured (Term Expires 2014)

Curriculum (2 year term)

Reports to Faculty Senate (Seven Positions: 2 At-Large, 1 Business, 1 Education, 1 Interdisciplinary, 1 Liberal Arts, and 1 Science)

"The Committee will review proposals for minor curricular changes, will review proposals for new programs, majors or minors (or elimination of majors or minors), and review academic policies and other curricular issues."


  • Sheila Barry, Martin Institute/Interdisciplinary (Term Expires 2014)
  • Ralph Bravaco, STEM (Term Expires 2015)
  • Mathew Burushko, Liberal Arts (Term Expires 2015)
  • Virginia Cortijo, At-Large (Term Expires 2015)
  • Kathy McNamara, Education (Appointed)
  • Erin O'Hea, At-large (Term Expires 2015)
  • George Piggford, Senate Representative (Term Expires 2014)
  • Eddie Rhee, Business (Term Expires 2014)

Faculty Grievance (2 year term)

Reports to President (Five positions: 1 Tenured, 2 Tenured or Tenurable, 2 Non-tenured)

"The Faculty Grievance Committee is established to hear faculty grievances. The Committee shall convene as needed to address grievances submitted by a faculty member. ... and shall report its findings and decision to the Vice President for Academic Affairs."


  • Eugene Quinn, Non-Tenured (Term Expires 2015)
  • Gregory Maniero, Tenured or Tenurable  (Term Expires 2014)
  • Jose Martinez, Tenured or Tenurable (Term Expires 2015)
  • John McCoy, Tenured or Tenurable (Term Expires 2014)
  • David Sander, Non-Tenured (Term Expires 2014)

Governance Committee (3 year term)


  • Marilena Hall, Faculty Senate President (Term Expires 2014)
  • Glen Ilacqua, At-Large (Term Expires 2016)
  • Magdalena James-Pederson, At-Large (Term Expires 2014)
  • Wanjiru Mbure, At-large (Term Expires 2014)
  • John Lanci, At-Large (Term Expires 2016)
  • George Piggford, Faculty Senate Vice President (Term Expires 2014)
  • Chris Wetzel, At-Large (Term Expires 2016)

HR Advisory (2 year term)

Reports to Finance Division (Three positions)


  • Bonnie Klentz, At-large (Term Expires 2014)
  • Peter Mahoney, At-Large (Term Expires 2015)
  • Lee McGinis, At-large (Term Expires 2014)

Intercollegiate Athletics (2 year term)

Reports to President (Three positions)

"The Committee advises the President about intercollegiate athletic policy as it relates to budget and other physical College resources, the coordination of athletics and academics, the College's membership in athletic conferences and associations. And Title IX and gender equity issues."


  • Richard Gribble, C.S.C. (Term Expires 2014)
  • Mark Kazarosian, Faculty NCAA Representative (Appointed)
  • Constantinos Mekios (Term Expires 2014)

Intercultural Affairs (2 year term)

Reports to President (Two positions)

"The Committee will receive from all divisions reports detailing their efforts and evaluating their success in enhancing diversity and in promoting intercultural understanding on campus. The Committee will analyze these reports and submit a summary of its findings to the Strategic Planning Committee."


  • Hsin-hao Su, At-Large (Term Expires 2014)
  • Erica Tucker, At-Large (Term Expires 2014)

Planning Committee (2 year term)

Reports to President (Four Positions)

"The Committee will provide advice and counsel to the President in areas of strategic and operational planning."


  • Scott Cohen, At-Large (Term Expires 2015)
  • Marilena Hall, Faculty Senate President (Term Expires 2014)
  • Glen Ilacqua, At-Large (Term Expires 2014)
  • Ed McGushin, At-Large (Term Expires 2015)

Professional Development (3 year term)


  • Nate DesRosiers, At-Large (Term Expires 2015)
  • Richard Gribble, Faculty Senate President (Term Expires 2014)
  • Geoffrey Lantos, At-Large (Term Expires 2014)
  • Greg Maniero, At-Large (Term Expires 2015)
  • John Schatzel, At-Large (Term Expires 2014 or 2015)
  • Laura Scales, At-Large (Term Expires 2014)
  • Eunmi Yang, At-Large (Term Expires 2014)

Rank and Tenure (3 year term)

Six Positions: Seven just for 2013 - 2014


  • Robert Carver, Professor ( Term Expires 2014)
  • Richard Gribble, Professor (Term Expires 2015)
  • Angela Paradise, Associate Professor (Term Expires 2016)
  • Christopher Poirer, Associate Professor (Term Expires 2015)
  • John Rodrigue, Professor (Term Expires 2015)
  • Robert Rosenthal, Professor ( Term Expires 2014)
  • Hsin-hao Su, Associate Professor (Term Expires 2016)

Standards and Standing (3 year term)

Reports to Senate


  • Rudy deMattos, Liberal Arts (Term Expires 2015)
  • Robert Dugan, Science (Term Expires 2014)
  • Hilary Gettman, Business (Term Expires 2015)
  • Michael Tirrell, At-large (Term Expires 2014)
  • Heiko Todt, At-Large (Term Expires 2015)

Student Affairs (2 year term)

Reports to Student Affairs Division (Two positions)

"The Committee shall be responsible for policies concerning student life and their implementation. The Committee shall make a continuing study of student responsibilities and student privileges...."


  • B. Heather Bleakley, At-large (Term Expires 2015)
  • Ann Marie Rocheleau, At-large (Term Expires 2014)

Student Orientation (2 year term)

Reports to Student Affairs Division (One position)

"The Committee will be responsible for the planning and implementation of a comprehensive first year student orientation and parent orientation program."


  • David Kinsey, At-large (Term Expires 2014)

Teaching Excellence Award (1 year term)

Reports to Academic Division (Two positions)

"The Committee will meet annually in the spring. It has responsibility for the solicitation of nominees from the respective constituencies, and for the selection of the outstanding faculty member in accordance with the criteria approved by the faculty Senate."


  • John Golden, At-large (Term Expires 2014)
  • Cheryl Schnitzer, At-large (Term Expires 2014)

Technology Advisory (2 year term)

Reports to Academic Division

"Advises on priorities related to academic and instructional technology; Advises on policies for the evaluation and adoption of new technologies, taking into account costs, support costs, and training issues; Acts as a conduit for faculty to convey their ideas about what Stonehill should and should not be doing with technology; and Serves as a place for faculty members to appeal, if they have requested some academic or instructional technology through normal channels and been turned down."


  • Richard Gariepy, At-large (Term Expires 2014)
  • Mitch Glavin, At-large (Term Expires 2014)
  • Bonnie Klentz, At-large (Term Expires 2014)
  • Mary Joan Leith, At-large (Term Expires 2015)
  • John Schatzel, At-Large (Term Expires 2015)
  • Allyson Sheckler, At-large (Term Expires 2015)
  • Maura Tyrrell, At-large (Term Expires 2015)

Ex-Officio Members: Director of Information Technology, Director of Learning and Instructional Technology, Dean of Faculty