Request a Classroom for TA Review Sessions

Teaching Assistants must request a room for review sessions through Conference & Events.

How To Request a Classroom for Student-Led Review Sessions

Teaching Assistants must request a classroom for student-led review sessions through the Conference and Events Office Campus Calendar.

The College is transitioning to a new automated classroom request system. Click on "Try it now! The event scheduling wizard." This will bring you to the new system. For detailed instructions on requesting a classroom using the wizard, please click here for a downloadable PDF.

If you click “Submit an event” it will bring you to the old system. This link will be removed by the end of January, and everyone will need to use the new system. 

Students will not be allowed to use a classroom until the request has been confirmed by Conference and Events. It takes between 24-48 hours to confirm a classroom request, so please submit your requests as soon as possible.