Faculty FAQs

Deadlines for TA Requests: The Fall 2015 deadline has passed. Spring 2016 deadline is December 1. Please read the FAQs thoroughly before requesting a TA, as some requirements have changed. These changes have been developed in consultation with the faculty members of the Teaching Assistant Advisory Board (TAAB).

FAQs for Faculty Requesting a TA

Please note: Because TAs work directly with one faculty member and class, TAs are now overseen by the individual faculty members within the academic departments, rather than the CWAA. 

Faculty in the departments that do not have direct oversight of their TAs will continue to submit a TA Request Form to the CWAA. If the TA Request is approved, the TA/Faculty Contract, which must be signed by both the faculty member and the student, should be submitted to the CWAA by the first week of classes.

What is the role of a TA?

The primary role of a TA or PLTL Leader is to provide supplemental instruction that benefits students enrolled in the course. They may do so in a number of ways: Hold review/PLTL sessions, attend class and assist with classroom discussion, meet with students, etc. All students are required to follow the College's Community Standards.

TA responsibilities include:

  • Hold TA/PLTL Review sessions
  • Offer in-class support and assist with class discussions
  • Hold office hours to answer student questions/concerns
  • Meet with professor to plan for upcoming review/PLTL sessions
  • Communicate regularly with faculty member
  • Serve as liaison between students and faculty

TA responsibilities DO NOT include:

  • Proctor examinations or quizzes
  • Teach or hold class without the faculty member present
  • Assign grades
  • Conduct research unrelated to class preparation
  • Provide clerical support to faculty in departments
  • Conduct personal business for faculty
  • Provide 1:1 tutoring services outside of the classroom or office hours.
  • Discipline students

Since there is a wide variety of coursework across disciplines, TAs and PLTL Leaders will have different roles and tasks depending on the course. It is up to individual faculty and departments to determine how best to utilize TAs and PLTL Leaders to most effectively assist students enrolled in their courses.

What is the role of faculty?

Faculty work with TAs by including them in the teaching and learning process. Faculty also:

  • Keep open communication with TA via email, phone, in-person meetings, etc.
  • Guide TAs and/or PLTL Leaders on best practices for holding review sessions, leading class discussion, etc.
  • Provide feedback to the TA/PLTL Leader on progress, concerns, etc.
  • Promote TA Review/PLTL Sessions and office hours in class and on the syllabus.

How many hours can I expect my TA to work?

Each department has determined how many hours their TAs/PLTL Leaders may work per week. Please make sure you adhere to the guidelines so that you do not exceed the amount budgeted for this purpose.

How do I document my TA's/PLTL Leader’s hours?

It is your TA’s/PLTL Leader’s responsibility to document his/her hours in myHill. In order for the student to be paid, hours must be submitted at the end of each pay period. Timesheets must be submitted on time and will be approved by the appropriate departmental timesheet approver.

How does my TA/PLTL Leader reserve a room for Review/PLTL sessions?

All review/PLTL sessions should be conducted in a public location and not in residence hall rooms; we ask that you exercise professional judgment in supervising the location of TA/PLTL Leader interactions to ensure the safety of all students. Please have your TA reserve a room for the semester through Conference and Events. Please see detailed instructions here.

Have other questions related to the TA Program?

Please contact Susan Wall, Coordinator for the Center for Writing and Academic Achievement, with additional questions either by e-mail (swall@stonehill.edu) or phone (508-565-1570).

Other pertinent information:

  • This is a merit-based position, and students will be compensated for their time and effort. Faculty members determine how the TA/PLTL Leader will contribute to the course and establish mutually-agreeable expectations/outcomes for improved teaching and learning in the course.
  • TAs and PLTL Leaders do not provide tutoring for students; that is the role of a Tutor. Please contact Susan Wall in the CWAA with any questions about tutoring for students.
  • The faculty member is responsible for assigning the final grade on each assignment, quiz, and homework (even if the TA marks it first). The faculty member makes all ultimate decisions related to partial credit.
  • If a disciplinary situation arises, the TA/PLTL Leader should contact his or her faculty member.

If a student in your class requires additional support, please refer him/her to the Center for Writing and Academic Achievement, or fill out a Faculty Referral Form.