Teaching Assistants

The primary role of an undergraduate Teaching Assistant (TA) is to provide academic support that benefits the class as a whole. TAs work within a variety of courses across academic disciplines. Peer-Led Team Leaders (PLTL) perform TA duties for the Chemistry Department.

TA positions are merit-based, work-study positions. Faculty members identify talented students with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher who have both the demonstrated knowledge in the content area and the appropriate disposition for working with fellow students. After the faculty member speaks with his or her TA candidate about the position, he/she must fill out a TA Request Form and a TA/Faculty Contract, which must be signed by both the faculty member and the student.

TAs receive compensation for their time and effort through the CWAA. TAs also receive ongoing guidance from faculty regarding review sessions and course content, as well as general leadership training through the CWAA. This position provides an opportunity to enhance leadership and teaching skills.

TAs perform a variety of duties, including:

  • Meeting with professor to discuss upcoming course content and exams
  • Facilitating classroom discussions
  • Holding office hours
  • Directing peer-led team learning and TA review sessions
  • Assisting with exam preparation
  • Reviewing and commenting on drafts of written work
  • Correcting objective assignments, quizzes, and homework
  • Conducting course-related research

For most disciplines, TAs offer review sessions prior to exams, providing the opportunity to re-examine concepts and ask questions in the company of their peers. This peer-to-peer model benefits all students interested in receiving additional academic support.

TAs are approved to work up to 4 hours per week, per course or section, not to exceed 8 hours per week. Additional hours must be pre-approved by the CWAA.