Self-Help Resources

All students are invited to make use of the support available through Counseling Services.  The services have no additional costs and are strictly confidential.  The staff members of Counseling Services are able to use a variety of strategies to assist students in achieving their goals.  Futhermore, a referral guide for area support resources is available through Counseling Services for students who may need or wish to seek counseling off-campus.

Self-Help Web Sites

The following web resources are meant to be informative only and should not replace the support available directly through counseling.  Please seek the professional  services of clinicians from Counseling Services, or an off-campus agency, for mental health and emotional well being needs.

  •  Ulifeline is a project of the JED foundation and is a valuable resource for college mental health topics.  Access to articles, personal assessment tools, hotlines, peer stories, and many self-help topics are available through this valuable site.  
  •  Half of Us is a collaboration between the JED Foundation and MTV to raise awareness and provide resources around college mental health.  
  • Stonehill College Health and Wellness Education provides valuable resources and programming on healthy lifestyles while in college.  
  • BASICS and ECheckup To Go is available through Health and Wellness Education for students to assess alcohol and other drug use.  
  • College Mental Health Virtual Pamphlets is a resource of virtual pamphlets providing awareness around a wide range of personal development and college mental health topics.