Individual Counseling

Enables you to:

  • Enrich your self-esteem
  • Manage conflict effectively 
  • Enhance your relationships
  • Increase feelings of confidence
  • Explore your academic potential
  • Understand substance use patterns
  • Improve your adjustment to college life 
  • Reflect upon questions of identity and sexuality
  • Develop effective and healthy coping skills 

Students are randomly assigned a counselor based on availability or can request a specific one, which may result in a longer wait. Confidentiality is assured in line with professional ethical standards.  There are no additional costs for this service on-campus.  Individual counseling is available on a short-term, goal-oriented basis.  Under some circumstances, the student's needs may extend beyond support available through Counseling Services and a referral to other on or off-campus resources would be made, at which point the student's health insurance would be utilized.  Counseling Services maintains a list of area referral agencies for students who wish to pursue counseling and support needs off-campus. Our consulting psychiatrist, Dr. Grace Mushrush, is available during the academic year for medication consultation. Students interested in medication consultation with the psychiatrist must also meet regularly with a counselor within Counseling Services, and should have a full intake with a counselor prior to scheduling a meeting with Dr. Mushrush.  For any students interested in ongoing support at Counseling Services who have had prior treatment, a release of information will be sought to communicate with previous providers to promote continuity of care.