Albert Cullum Memorial Teaching Scholarship

July 2013 marked the 10 year anniversary of the passing of one of Stonehill’s most beloved professors, Albert Cullum.

In thanks for the tremendous impact Education Professor Cullum had on them, Russell and Meghan Stamm ’98 established the Albert Cullum Memorial Teaching Scholarship to honor his work and his memory at Stonehill.

In the years since fundraising began, the Scholarship has received support from many former Education majors and minors and those involved in Theatre Arts at Stonehill.

To date, just over $23,500 has been raised. The Scholarship will be fully endowed and awarded to a deserving student once it reaches $25,000.

The Albert Cullum Memorial Teaching Scholarship will support a financially needy Stonehill student who has completed the junior year experience pre-practicum through the Education Department.

For those who did not have the opportunity of having a class with Professor Cullum, know that he taught each class with passion and a true belief in the honor of being a teacher.

"He was a man who went about daily life making an incredible impression on people, but did it very quietly. He wasn't your typical professor. I remember he had us do some Shakespeare lesson, and there we all were - he even had these football players in wigs and capes."
Meghan Stamm '98 

 Support of the Albert Cullum Memorial Teaching Scholarship will benefit future Stonehill students who have a passion for teaching.

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