Sociology Major and Minor

The Sociology program at Stonehill College considers the relationship between micro contexts such as individuals and small groups, and larger institutions such as education, politics, religion, media and the family.

The field of sociology investigates human society. It analyzes group origin, growth, behavior, interaction and the effect of group activities on the individual group member. Such analysis offers a foundation for understanding the human experience. The theories derived from sociological research are often used to address contemporary issues in the U.S. and in societies throughout the world.

The Sociology major provides a foundation for careers in many fields, such as social service and human resources, criminal justice and the law, along with research at public and private agencies. It also prepares students for graduate work in sociology, criminology, law, social work and related areas.

LION PROGRAM: An International Experience in Global Security Studies

The LION (Learning Inside Out Network) program is an intensive international internship and research opportunity for students interested in the theory and practice of global security. The program builds on courses in security studies, conflict analysis and resolution, global crime, international criminal justice, human security, and international development through a semester-long international internship experience with an NGO, think tank or media organization in Armenia or Serbia. Learn more.

“My experience with the sociology program at Stonehill has been life changing. A lot of that has to do with the faculty in this department who do an incredible job mentoring students, recognizing their potential, and guiding them to pursue certain activities that will fulfill that potential.”
Kelli A. Brodbeck ’14, who is currently researching the construction of a professional identity among campus police

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