Asian Studies Minor


“Studying Asia, particularly Asian language and culture, opens you up to the vast and compelling opportunities that are beginning to present themselves in these countries."

- Kevin McCann ’13, an International Business major with an Interdisciplinary minor in Chinese language and culture

Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that provides basic knowledge of the people and cultures of Asia. The program furnishes a substantial background for subsequent specialized study in the field of Asian politics, history, religion, language and culture.

To earn the minor, students take courses chosen from more than 30 offerings in departments that include History, English, Religious Studies, Political Science and Foreign Languages. Asian Studies Minor Topics include:

  • Cultural anthropology
  • International economics
  • Chinese language courses

Students may substitute language study, through courses at Stonehill or courses taken elsewhere, but they may only use two foreign language courses towards the minor. Appropriate languages include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Urdu. Other courses may be substituted with the approval of the Program Director.