Program Overview

The future belongs to those who understand the creative art and science of marketing communications. Stonehill’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Master’s Degree program combines the expertise of the College's marketing, communications and graphic design faculty to prepare students for marketing in the digital information age.

Along with direct skills in marketing and communications, the curriculum is intended to develop: 

  • strategic thinking and decision making,
  • a deeper and nuanced understanding of organizational structure, 
  • and pertinent leadership skills to manage both projects and individuals.

Get Started Senior Year

Stonehill seniors can start working toward their integrated marketing communications master’s degree and take graduate courses alongside their undergraduate curriculum, saving students time and money. The IMC program will provide you with the skills the market demands and partners well with a number of majors on campus from business and entrepreneurship to communication and the visual arts. 

Gain the leadership skills and intellectual flexibility to thrive in a continually changing business landscape with a master's degree in IMC.

Course Offerings

As a senior at Stonehill, you can take graduate-level courses and it will count as an elective toward your undergraduate degree as well as be counted towards your graduate degree. Students can take these courses alongside their undergraduate curriculum.

IMC 501 Creativity is offered in the fall semester.

This course is the introductory course to the IMC Master's degree program at Stonehill College. It is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in the context of a creative and innovate program design. Students will learn techniques for improving the flexibility and originality of their thinking and will explore approaches used by practitioners of Integrated Marketing and Communication to create and sustain organizational innovation. Students will learn and apply the IMC planning process and examine the role of integration to ensure consistency of creative strategy.  This course will also provide a comprehensive orientation to the Stonehill IMC Master's Degree program.

IMC 514 Public Relations and Crisis Management is offered in the spring semester. 

This course provides graduate students a conceptual framework for understanding public relations and its role in crisis communication management. This course emphasizes the principles and processes of creating and managing an effective public relations communication plan that meets the distinct needs of crisis situations in organizations. Students will learn crisis communication theories and analyze real-world crisis case studies as context for understanding and evaluating crisis communication campaigns and how the function fits into the larger context of the communications profession. Students will also consider professional, ethical and legal issues inherent in the practice of crisis communications. 

Internship and Career Preparation

Once enrolled in the IMC program, students can receive up to three credits for an internship. The graduate internship experience is designed to familiarize and significantly advance the master's student's knowledge of integrated marketing communications by giving students the opportunity to apply theories and concepts in a professional setting. The College has a multitude of relationships with organizations in the field of marketing that have led to internships and job offers. Among them:

By taking two 500-level courses during my senior year at Stonehill, I was able to get a feel for the IMC program without any extra tuition or commitment. These courses rounded out my undergraduate experience and solidified my decision to pursue a master’s degree and a full-time career simultaneously.

Tuition and Aid

When you take a graduate-level course your senior year, it will count as an elective towards your undergraduate degree. Once you begin the IMC master's degree program full- or part-time, you will qualify for the Skyhawk tuition rate. Taking two courses before formally beginning the program will save you time and money.

2022-2023 Tuition Rates

Part-Time Enrollment Cost
Tuition (cost per course) $2,800
Skyhawk Tuition* $2,250

*Applicable to Alumni, employees, employee’s spouses, employee's children and/or nieces and nephews of CSC

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IMC Program Director

Lee McGinnis

Lee McGinnis

Professor of Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications Program Director, Faculty Athletics Representative