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In a poignant reflection of Stonehill’s mission, a number of students and alums are putting their degrees to work in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Program Overview

Stonehill's Healthcare Administration program combines courses focused on core skills with in-depth internships and a solid liberal arts foundation. 

The primary objectives are to prepare Stonehill College students:

  • For employment and leadership in direct service and support organizations in the private and public healthcare sectors
  • For graduate or professional study
  • For being an innovative and positive force for ethical and constructive change in the healthcare system

The Curriculum

Stonehill’s program, a part of the Leo J. Meehan School of Business, gives students a firm understanding of business principles supplemented by solid grounding in the liberal arts. This approach provides students with an understanding of important healthcare issues and basic managerial and leadership skills. 

Students can then choose electives to focus on specific areas of interest, such as:

  • Health IT
  • Population health management
  • Consulting
  • Gerontology
  • Public and private sector insurance
  • Group practice management
  • Finance, personnel, marketing, public relations and sales

Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA)

AUPHA Certification
Stonehill’s Healthcare Administration program is certified by AUPHA, which only certifies programs with high academic standards. Stonehill’s is one of only 46 programs certified in the country, and it is the only certified program in Massachusetts.

Healthcare Program Ranked Best in the Nation

The Healthcare Administration program at Stonehill College has been recognized by College Factual as the No. 1 place in the country to study medical administration services. Another ranking by the Bachelors Degree Center placed Stonehill in the Top 10 nationwide.

Healthcare Rating

College Factual ranked Stonehill’s Healthcare Administration Program 1st out of 124 schools nationwide.

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U.S. Healthcare Programs

Bachelors Degree Center ranked Stonehill's Healthcare Administration program No. 9 nationwide.

Class of 2018 Placement Rate

Six months after graduation, 100 percent of Class of 2018 healthcare administration graduates are employed, in top graduate programs or engaged in postgraduate service.

Hours of internship experience for credit

Students in the healthcare administration program are required to complete a 400-hour internship for credit, setting students apart when applying for their first job.

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Where Our Graduates Work  

Stonehill healthcare administration majors find work in hospitals, home care and managed care organizations, health maintenance organizations, hospices, planning and consulting firms, and international service organizations. Learn more about where our graduates work

Advanced Degree Partnership

Sample Courses

American Sign Language I

HCA 101
Introduces American Sign Language and deaf culture, focusing on frequently used signs, basic rules of grammar, non-manual aspects of ASL, introductory fingerspelling, and some cultural features of the deaf community.

Creative Process

HCA 200
Developed to respond to an environment of shrinking resources and expanding regulation, this course explores the creative process. Examine theory and practice methods to increase creative potential in yourself and those around you. Turn problems into challenges with active practice of theoretical concepts; consider issues of ethics, supervision, innovation, productivity, resource management and service development in the light of what is known about creativity. This course is designed for any student.


HCA 219
The role of epidemiology as a tool for analyzing health problems in managerial settings. Introduction to study designs, bias, confounding, and significance; association and causation.

Healthcare Supply Chain Management

HCA 326
The role of supply chain management in the healthcare industries: what are supply chains and how do they work? The course studies not only traditional logistics or operation management but also marketing, new product development, finance, and customer service. Material presented in lectures and through case studies.

Healthcare Employment Law

HCA 335
Examines legal issues regarding interviewing, hiring, and disciplining employees. What questions can you legally not ask during an interview? What shouldn’t you say in a reference? When can you legally fire an employee? Are personnel policies on a contract between the employer and the employee? Training and motivational skills developed.

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Contact Information

Mitchell P.V. Glavin

Mitchell P.V. Glavin

Associate Professor of Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Administration Department Chair
Meehan School of Business 326
Healthcare Administration