What will my first semester schedule look like?

At Stonehill, we create your first-semester schedule for you to ensure you are taking all the right classes to get started in your college career. You will receive an email from Stonehill's Registrar’s Office when schedules are ready!  

Your schedule will be built keeping many things in mind: 

  • Your intended major (or undeclared status!) 
  • Your responses to the “Pre-Registration Survey” (check your email!) 
  • Your math and writing placement results 
  • Varsity athletics schedules 
  • Participation in Stonehill’s Honors Program 

Those of you attending in-person Orientation this June, you will have the opportunity to explore more than one major by meeting with faculty and other students in the major. In those meetings, called “Meet Your Major,” we encourage you to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the programs that interest you. On day two of Orientation, you will learn how Stonehill will create your first semester schedule for you.

If you can’t attend Orientation, don’t worry! We will still be using all of these criteria to create an ideal first-semester schedule for you – one that starts you off in both your General Education Courses as well as courses in your major and electives. 

If you haven't already, please complete the pre-registration survey (check your email). Then, review the information below.

  1. Majors and Minors Available at Stonehill
  2. The General Education Program

    This outline provides the context, philosophy and timeline for completing Stonehill’s four-year liberal arts curriculum.

  3. Recommended First-Semester Student Schedules

    Each major and program has outlined a sample course schedule for first-year students. These schedules are accompanied by guidance that helps explain major requirements and set priorities for course selection.

  4. Academic Placement & Readiness Assessments

    Placement into some courses (Writing, Calculus, etc.) is contingent upon your completion of an assessment.

    Writing: All students should complete a College Writing Readiness Survey. 

    Math: Students planning to major in actuarial mathematics, astronomy, computer science, data science, earth and planetary sciences, economics, engineering, mathematics, photonics or physics should take a Calculus Readiness Assessment. All entering Business majors should take the Business Math Readiness Assessment.

  5. External College Credit

    Many new students have earned credit for Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and other college-level courses taken during high school. Details found in this section will help you anticipate any credits that may be transferrable to Stonehill and how to complete that process.