Frequently Asked Questions About Living at Stonehill College

What if my son/daughter is homesick?

During the first few weeks of school, it is only natural that some students will feel homesick and call home asking their parents to pick them up for the weekend. Students miss their family, friends and significant others. But before you decide to pick them up for the weekend, keep in mind that it is important for students to begin forming relationships with other students on campus. If your son or daughter leaves campus every weekend, the adjustment may prove to be more difficult. While the other students in the hall are getting to know each other over the weekend, a student at home during that time may become more isolated. Try to encourage your son or daughter to get involved in campus life by attending weekend programs, volunteering for a service project or joining a student organization that focuses on his or her personal interest. These are great ways to meet others who share similar interests and to make new friends. You will notice great improvements each time you see your son or daughter. 

 What kinds of rooms are available for students?

While the majority of student bedrooms on campus are doubles, we do have a number of triples (rooms designed for 3 people), and quads (rooms designed for 4 people). Your student may be assigned to any of these room types. All rooms have one complete set of furniture for each student. Room and board charges are the same for all rooms.

What if my son/daughter is placed in a triple or quad?

First-year students living on campus may find themselves assigned to two or three roommates.  Rooms designed as natural triples and quads have been built and designed to accommodate three or four people. Students who are assigned to them usually end up loving it once they get over the initial fear of having multiple roommates.

When will students find out their room assignments and who their roommate(s) will be for the fall?

New-student room assignments will be posted on myHousing during the first week of August. In addition to receiving their building and room assignments, students will also receive the names and email address of their assigned roommate(s). We strongly encourage students to contact one another prior to opening day in the fall so that they can “break the ice” and share information about the items that each person intends to bring. Assignment notices also contain important information about moving onto campus and the orientation that will take place after they have checked into their rooms.

All incoming resident students need to log into MyHill and complete the on-line Housing Application Form,
which consists of agreeing to the College’s Room and Board Contract, and then answering a series of questions about their personality and living preferences. All Housing Applications must be submitted by July 1. Students may request specific roommates; however, we recommend living with someone they don’t know in an effort to expand their social network on campus.

It is important to note that approximately half of first-year students will be placed in O’Hara and the Holy Cross Center. While each of our residence halls has its own unique qualities, we are very confident that students will have a great experience wherever they land in August!