Resources for RA's

As you know working as an RA is a 24 hour, 7 day a week job! You are part friend, part supervisor, and part counselor. We know that you want to help give your resident the best year ever by helping them make healthy choices and be the best student they can be!

We here at the Health and Wellness Office would like to help you by providing resources, materials, ideas, information, etc. on how to stay healthy while in college. The following information will be available shortly.

1. Bulletin Boards: Print and post, it's a easy as that. Topics include, The Flu, Nutrition, Physcial Activity, Alcohol and Stress Reduction.

2. Health Ed Video Library: Borrow one of our video's and print a discussion guide for a ready made program!

3.Website List: Some useful websites with factual information to help you and your residents live healthy lifestyles.

4. Program ideas: A list of possible program topics, themes, etc.

5. Stall Street Journals: Let me know if you need additional copies.

6. Health Education Resources: Such as flyers, pamphlets or fact sheets on specific wellness topics.

Alcohol Flyers: How to Refuse a Drink,The Cost of a DUI