Resources for Faculty

Don't Cancel That Class!

This program was started to meet the needs of both faculty and students.

Are you a faculty member who has a planned or last minute event that conflicts with your scheduled class time? If so, please contact one of the following departments to come and give an educational presentation to your class. Most presentations can be tailored to meet your needs, so if you don't see one listed that you would like please ask!

Do you have a conference or an upcoming event conflicting with one of your scheduled classes?

Instead of cancelling a class one of the following offices to schedule an in class presentation. Career Services at 508-565-1325, Intercultural Affairs at 508-565-1409,  Health and Wellness Office at 508-565-1544, the Center for Nonprofit Management 508-565-1856, Athletics 508-565-1940, and Library Instruction at 508-565-1103.