Worried? Anxious? Feeling alone?

Feeling anxious is a normal human emotion. It helps us sometimes to meet that deadline or motivate us to do something out of our comfort zone like applying for a job. But sometimes anxiety can become overwhelming and can seem like it's taken over areas of our lives. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious know that there are resources here at Stonehill to help you.

Current Events:

The Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why" is a fictional story, based on a novel, of a young girl who ends her life by suicide and leaves notes explaining her reasons why. This film has received many mixed reviews especially from those within the wellness and mental health community. The following guide has been created by two non-profit suicide prevention organizations SAVE and JED. If interested in this topic we recommend students attend a Question Persuade Refer (Q.P.R.) training offered by Health and Wellness or reach out to one of the resources listed below.

"13 Reasons Why" Guide

Resources for Students:

1. The Health and Wellness Office:

  • Offers life skills coaching on many wellness topics including relationship issues, roommate conflicts, homesickness, loneliness, etc.Call 508-565-1544, email wellness@stonehill.edu or stop by the office at Roche Dining Commons Room 113.

2. Counseling Services:

  • Offers free and confidential counseling. To make an appointment call 508-565-1331.

3. Financial Aid:

  • Concerned about loans, debt, how to pay for tuition? Call 508-565-1088

4. Academic Services:

  • Struggling with classes, need help managing time? Call 508-565-1306

5. Accessibility Resources:

  • Have you been diagnosed with a disability? Find out about how to request accommodations. Call 508-565-1306

6. Intercultural Affairs:

  • Looking for ways to become more involved with diversity? Call 508-565-1409

7. Health Services:

  • From chronic headaches to upset stomachs to help managing a chronic health problem. Health Services can help address many physical ailments. Call 508-565-1331.

8. Campus Ministry:

  • Whether looking to enhance your spirituality or meet new people, campus ministry can help you learn how to become your most authentic self. Call 508-565-1487.


Online surveys, support and resources:

  • www.ulifeline.org/stonehill. Ulifeline is a project of the JED foundation and is a valuable resource for college mental health topics. Access to articles, personal assessment tools, hotlines, peer stories, and many self-help topics are available through this valuable site.
  • www.halfofus.com Half of Us is a collaboration between the JED Foundation and MTV to raise awareness and provide resources around college mental health.
  • BASICS and ECheckup To Go is available through Health and Wellness Education for students to assess alcohol and other drug use.
  • www.loveisrespect.org is a website that offers information on healthy vs unhealthy relationships including helpful quizzes and fact sheets.