Stonehill College’s Student Government Association (SGA) recently announced the results of its 2023–2024 Executive Board election. 

“Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Board members! Your passion, dedication and commitment to serving fellow students have earned you this honor. Your ideas and energy are exactly what our community needs right now. I’m excited to see what you will achieve, and I’m confident you will represent our student body with integrity and determination,” said Stephen Cobbs ’23, outgoing SGA executive president.

Meet our new student leaders:

Executive President Kyle McGrath ’24

Kyle McGrath
  • From: Dover, Massachusetts
  • Major: Political Science
  • Minor: Communication
  • How he plans to approach his duties: “The Executive President is responsible for creating a campus environment that makes people feel comfortable and safe so that they can grow as people,” he said. “That means representing the student body effectively. When they ask for change, SGA makes it happen. If there's some reason it can't be done, we communicate that transparently. If I finish this year with a student body that trusts SGA to be there for them, I'll feel successful.”

Executive Vice President Jessika Crockett-Murphy ’24

Jessika Crockett-Murphy
  • From: Marshfield, Massachusetts
  • Major: Political Science and Religious Studies
  • Minor: Ethical Leadership
  • How it felt to be reelected to this position: “I feel so honored knowing the student body trusts me to serve in this position again,” she said. “I have been so happy to assist in the creation and revival of over a dozen clubs this past year. I cannot wait to see them flourish and see new ones created as well. I am grateful for all the support I have received these past three years in SGA.”

Executive Public Relations Chair Emma Duffy ’25

Emma Duffy
  • From: Rutland, Vermont
  • Major: Marketing
  • Minor: Arts Administration
  • Why serving others at Stonehill is important to her: “Throughout my time at Stonehill, I have been involved on campus and have truly felt welcomed by the community,” she said. “As PR chair I hope to offer students the information and representation they need to make the most out of their experiences here. I want community members to know that their voices are valuable.”

Executive Finance Chair Brendan Kinch ’24

Brendan Kinch
  • From: Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  • Major: Economics
  • Minor: Political Science & Data Analytics
  • Why he feels ready to tackle his new role: “Through my courses in economics, I’ve gained skills in money management,” he said. “I’m excited to use all that I’ve learned in class to benefit the Stonehill community.” 

Executive Treasurer Michael Daversa ’24

Michael Daversa
  • From: Bridgewater, Massachusetts
  • Major: Management Information Systems
  • Minor: Data Analytics
  • How his previous opportunities have benefitted him: “I'm excited to continue to serve the Stonehill community as SGA's Executive Treasurer for another year,” he said. “I believe my experience with financial budgeting as well as my current experience managing technology infrastructure within a business setting has prepared me to organize and streamline the budgeting processes of SGA’s Finance Committee.” 

Executive Programming Chair Teaghan Herren ’25

Teaghan Herren
  • From: Sandwich, Massachusetts
  • Major: Health Science
  • Minor: Dance
  • Why she decided to run for office: “I ran for this position because I am truly passionate about making our campus a fun and lively place for all students,” she said. “I can't wait to focus on creating enjoyable programs and activities, especially during the 75th anniversary of Stonehill College.”

Executive Diversity Chair Jaelynn Rodney ’24

Jaelynn Rodney
  • From: Randolph, Massachusetts
  • Major: Psychology
  • Why she is excited to get to work: “A role like this allows me to promote inclusion in a public way, which will bring more awareness to DEI efforts on campus,” she said.