Stonehill College and Massasoit Community College have struck a landmark agreement that will enhance the ability of Massasoit students to transfer to Stonehill and earn a bachelor’s degree. Beginning in fall 2023, Massasoit students who meet certain criteria will be guaranteed admission into Stonehill’s Meehan School of Business or the May School of Arts and Sciences.

Eligible students’ tuition will be reduced by at least 50% for the duration of their enrollment at Stonehill. Like all other financial awards, these funds can be renewed for up to eight semesters, providing students with the flexibility to complete their chosen course of study. 

Stonehill administrators are hopeful that enhancing transparency in the application and scholarship awarding process through this program will provide an appealing pathway for students interested in completing their bachelor’s degree at a private Catholic institution. 

“We are grateful to our partners at Massasoit for their support and collaboration as we have paved the way for this exciting initiative. I look forward to seeing how this agreement increases access to a degree at Stonehill for students in our local community,” said Rev. John Denning, C.S.C., president of Stonehill College. 

Left to right: Alex J. Villanueva (Massasoit), William Mitchell (Massasoit), Rubén Barato (Massasoit), Scott Seseske (Stonehill), Lydia Dodson (Massasoit), President Ray DiPasquale (Massasoit), Rev. John Denning, C.S.C. (Stonehill), Peter Ubertaccio (Stonehill), Joseph Dacey (Stonehill), Sarah Thomashower (Stonehill), Heather Heerman (Stonehill)

President DiPasquale presents President Denning with a Massasoit baseball cap.

Stonehill College Vice President for Enrollment Management Joseph Dacey christens President Ray DiPasquale an honorary Skyhawk.

“At Massasoit, we strive to ensure that our students find success when they graduate or choose to transfer to a four-year institution to continue their education,” said Ray DiPasquale, president of Massasoit Community College. “Through this partnership, these students will have an incredible opportunity to accomplish their educational goals. We are grateful to our partners at Stonehill for recognizing the amazing potential of Massasoit students and affording them this opportunity.”

To support and ensure transfer candidates’ success, Stonehill and Massasoit will designate liaisons in admission and the Navigation Center for Student Success to provide students with detailed guidance as they complete the application process and later acclimate to life at Stonehill. 

This program marks the latest collaboration between Stonehill and Massasoit and will build on a long-standing history that has included two prestigious S-STEM awards funded by the National Science Foundation. The latest iteration of this program was recently completed. Open to rising sophomores and transfer students from either Massasoit or Bristol Community College, it inspired the success of underrepresented, academically talented students majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at Stonehill by providing them with renewable scholarships and opportunities to conduct summer research. 

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